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From Africa to Caribbean

Trinidad and Tobago profesional league( TT PRO League) have in their history many caribbean players, some south americans and also some africans.

The football, in terms of money, isn't so different in Caribbean and Africa. But africans national teams are a bit better because, like some countries are doing in caribbean, they call up europeans to replace local players.

TT PRO League's logo

In terms of importance, we can say South African Premier League is for Africa as TT PRO League is for Caribbean but in South Africa there's much more investments.

In TT PRO League past and recent history some africans played on Trinidadians fields. Actually, there are two ghanaians, Maestro Mensah of Morvant Caledonia United and known face Michael Yaw Darko of Central FC. Recently, Liberian Borfor Carr played a few of games for Central FC last season. In the past, when it was Caledonia AIA, Mogogi Gabonamong and goalkeeper Kagiso Tshelametsi both from Botswana played in Trinidad, again playing for Central FC, South Sudan striker Ladulé Lako LoSarah played for The Sharks and Alusine Bangura from Sierra Leone played for W Connection.

And will be the first one to be apresented that will talk us about how is for an african to be playing in Caribbean. Maestro Mensah is a center back that before join Morvant Caledonia United was with Cunupia FC.

Maestro Mensah

Inside Caribbean Football: How did you come to play in Trinidad?

Maestro Mensah: I wanted to get more creative football style that why I came to Trinidad.

Inside Caribbean Football: What differences did you realize between TT PRO League and Ghana Premier League?

Maestro Mensah: The different is that TT PRO league play stylish football and skillful too than Ghana premier league football.

Inside Caribbean Football: What do you think about the way that is the football at Morvant Caledonia United?

Maestro Mensah: We keep the ball a lot and defend more than attack.

Inside Caribbean Football: Is africain style of football close Caribbean's?

Maestro Mensah: No please every continent have different style of football.

Inside Caribbean Football: What do you think is reason why Morvant Caledonia United got a poor season from what was expected?

Maestro Mensah: Beause the team where built with young guys in the first round and later some of senior players came on second round that why but we won Lucozade Shield Cup.

Inside Caribbean Football: TT PRO League have some africans in history og the League. Why do think some africans prefer to play in Caribbean than Africa?

Maestro Mensah: Beause every african's player want to move forward play in abroad.

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